Backgrounds and Layouts

Watercolor Space Scene ~  (September 2016)

Watercolor Space Scene (Photoshop) ~ (September 2016)

 Sun & Moon Backgrounds 

S&M BP 1.jpg
S&M BP 2.jpg
S&M BP 3.jpg
S&M BP 5.jpg
S&M BP 4.jpg
S&M BP 6.jpg
S&M BP 7.jpg
S&M BP 8.jpg
S&M BP 9.jpg
S&M BP 10.jpg
S&M BP 11.jpg
S&M BP 12.jpg
S&M BP 13.jpg
S&M BP 14.jpg
S&M BP 15.jpg
S&M BP 16.jpg
S&M BP 17.jpg
S&M BP 18.jpg
S&M BP 20.jpg
S&M BP 19.jpg
S&M BP 21.jpg
S&M BP 22.jpg
S&M BP 23.jpg
S&M BP 24.jpg
S&M BP 26.jpg
S&M BP 28.jpg
S&M BP 25.jpg
S&M BP 27.jpg
S&M BP 29.jpg

 Hourglass to our Hearts Backgrounds 

HtoH BP 1.jpg
HtoH BP 2.jpg
HtoH BP 3.jpg
HtoH BP 4.jpg
HtoH BP 5.jpg
HtoH BP 6.jpg
HtoH BP 7.jpg
HtoH BP 8.jpg
HtoH BP 9.jpg
HtoH BP 10.jpg
HtoH BP 11.jpg
HtoH BP 12.jpg
HtoH BP 13.jpg
HtoH BP 14.jpg
HtoH BP 15.jpg
HtoH BP 16.jpg
HtoH BP 17.jpg
HtoH BP 18.jpg
HtoH BP 19.jpg
HtoH BP 20.jpg
HtoH BP 21.jpg
HtoH BP 22.jpg
HtoH BP 23.jpg
HtoH BP 24.jpg
HtoH BP 25.jpg

 Free & Lost Backgrounds 

F&L BP 1.jpg
F&L BP 2.jpg
F&L BP 3.jpg
F&L BP 5.jpg
F&L BP 7.jpg
F&L BP 4.jpg
F&L BP 6.jpg
F&L BP 8.jpg
F&L BP 9.jpg
F&L BP 10.jpg
F&L BP 11.jpg
F&L BP 12.jpg
F&L BP 13.jpg
F&L BP 14.jpg

Agent X Backgrounds 

AX BP 1.jpg
AX BP 3.jpg
AX BP 5.jpg
AX BP 7.jpg
AX BP 9.jpg
AX BP 11.jpg
AX BP 2.jpg
AX BP 4.jpg
AX BP 6.jpg
AX BP 8.jpg
AX BP 10.jpg
AX BP 12.jpg
AX BP 13.jpg
AX BP 14.jpg
AX BP 15.jpg
AX BP 16.jpg
AX BP 17.jpg
AX BP 18.jpg
AX BP 19.jpg
AX BP 20.jpg
AX BP 21.jpg
AX BP 22.jpg
AX BP 23.jpg
AX BP 24.jpg
AX BP 25.jpg
AX BP 26.jpg
AX BP 27.jpg
AX BP 28.jpg
AX BP 29.jpg

My Backgrounds from College

City Worm's Eye View Thumbnail Sketch ~ (February 2017)

Park Thumbnail Sketch ~ (February 2017)

Night City Landscape Thumbnail Sketch ~ (February 2017)

Classroom Thumbnail Sketch ~ (February 2017)

Restaurant Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

Park Thumbnail Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

City Park Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

Park Landscape Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

City Park (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Store Outside Exterior Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Store Outside Exterior (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Restaurant Interior Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

Restaurant Interior (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Office Boardroom Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

Office Interior Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

Office Interior (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Modern Interior Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

Modern Interior (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Night City Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (February 2017)

Night City (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

City Worm's Eye View Revised (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

City Worm's Eye View (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

Classroom Interior Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Classroom Interior (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

City Bird's Eye View Sketch (Photoshop) ~ (March 2017)

City Bird's Eye View (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Sun Down City (Photoshop) ~ (April 2017)

Purple Green Field ~ (August 2016)


Forest Trees and Castle Drawing ~ (Fall 2015)

Amusement Park Collage Background ~ (Fall 2015)


Amusement Park Collage Background Drawing ~ (Fall 2015)

Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher Children's Book Drawing Background ~ (Fall 2015)

White Charcoal Pencil City Background Drawing ~ (Fall 2015)

Charcoal Pencil City Background Drawing ~ (Fall 2015)