My #1 motto in life: I       Art!

Here's a short cut to my Animation Films. Follow my pink butterflies back home whenever you like!

Hourglass to our Hearts

(New short animated film coming soon!)

(January 2020 - Present)

With a limited amount of time, an immortal hero must rescue his wife from an evil time wizard.

Sun Moon

(New short animated film coming soon!)

Two celestial teenagers desire to be together between nighttime and sunrise.

(March 2020 - Present)


(New visual story film coming soon!)

(May 2020 - Present)

An African American boy travels through his dreams and encounters some familiar characters along the way.

Free & Lost 

A young Ice Elemental is lost in a blizzard and must find his way back to his mother with the help of a new friend.

(September 2018 - February 2020)

Agent X

My 1st nominated and awarded film!

My film follows secret agent, Agent X, on a night mission to stop notorious villain, Cobra, from escaping an abandoned broken factory with stolen bank money.

This is my Senior Thesis Year Project - (April 2017 - April 2018)