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Hourglass to our Hearts

(Newly selected  film!)

(January 2020 - September 2021)

With a limited amount of time left, a man must rescue his wife from an evil time wizard.


 My Shorts 

My short animated films featuring one-off stories and characters.

Sun Moon

(March 2020 - February 2021)

Two magical, celestial teenagers desire to be together between nighttime 

and sunrise.


Crayon Box

(New short animated film in the process.)

A colorful group of people enjoy their time outside a crayon box. 

(September 2021 - Present)

Fallen Angel

(New short animated film in the process.)

A fallen angel must find her way back to heaven.

(October 2021 - Present)


(New visual story film coming soon!)

(May 2020 - January 2022)

An African American boy travels through his dreams and encounters some familiar characters along the way.

Free & Lost 

A young Ice Elemental is lost in a blizzard and must find his way back to his mother with the help of a new friend.

(September 2018 - February 2020)


Agent X

My film follows secret agent, Agent X, on a night mission to stop notorious villain, Cobra, from escaping an abandoned broken factory with stolen bank money.


This is my Senior Thesis Year Project - (April 2017 - April 2018)

Humble Beginnings

A collection of animated films and shorts I did in college.

Magical Showdown: Check out this battle between a queen and an evil wizard!

This was my Junior Year Project - (Aug. 2016 - April 2017)

Circus for A Psycho: This was a lip sync project of one of my favorite rock bands, Skillet.

This was my Sophomore Year Spring Semester Project ~ (Jan. 2016 - April 2016)

Fairy Strength: Fly and see what kind of strength this fairy has!

This was my Sophomore Year Fall Semester Project - (Oct. 2015 - Dec. 2015)

Tea Party: See what happens when two sisters leave their room.

This was my Freshman Year Spring Semester Project - (Jan. 2015 - April 2015)