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Hello, I'm Breana Greene. My life statement: I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 Art! I'm an Award-Winning Independent African American animator, self-published author and storyteller.

Animation, to me, is a beautiful and life changing art that will forever live on as an influence to artists of all genres. My personal goal in animation is to create my own short cartoons with fun and diverse characters and stories. Having a love for cartoons and anime since I was a child, I hope to create as many animated projects and characters as possible for all generations to see.


My personal goal for my writing is to create as many children's books as possible as well as complete various series with plenty of engaging stories, characters, and adventures. Every now and then I will also write about different topics that aren't talked about enough in today's society. This is my lifetime purpose and I know I have the power to do this. So follow along my journey to see what's in-store next.

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