Character Designs 

Enjoy my colorful character designs
 from a variety of my personal projects!

Kid Designs 1.jpg
Kid Designs 2.jpg
Kid Designs 3.jpg
Teacher Designs.jpg
Snacktime Group.jpg
Lunchtime Group.jpg
Breakfast Time Group.jpg
Flame Headshot.jpg
Frozen Headshot.jpg
Light Headshot.jpg
Evergreen Forest.jpg
Draft Full Body.jpg
Kozue Headshot.jpg
Queen Hematite.jpg
Frozen x Flame Hold.jpg

Her name is Elin. I want to eventually do a kid's series with her in a trio... ~ Breana Greene (February 2017)

Mariah Destiny's Horizon.jpg
Queen Hematite Headshot.jpg
Boy Design.jpg
Sunflower Headshot.jpg
Queen Aquestria.jpg
King Mantle.jpg
King Igneous.jpg
Dolores Helado Card.jpg
Queen Caldera.jpg
King Kandy Sweetland Card.jpg
Candy Corn Card.jpg
Mother Nature Card.jpg
Terra the Tambourine Girl Card.jpg
Terra the Tambourine Girl.jpg
Queen Rime Card.jpg
Queen Inferno.jpg
King Magma.jpg
Sugar Pop Character Designs.jpg
Sugar Pop Character Designs 1.jpg
Sugar Pop Character Designs 2.jpg
Sugar Pop Character Designs 3.jpg
Cosmic Ring.jpg