Black Adrenaline

Welcome to the world of Black Adrenaline!

This series stars Sabrina Alannah Xtronaut (a.k.a. Agent X), an African-American secret agent and supermodel living in Arsenal City. Together with her team, Black Adrenaline, she must go on missions and stop Arsenal City's most wanted villains working under the evil organization known as, Lethal Weapons.

 Sabrina ~ (December 2016) 

Sabrina Alannah Xtronaut (a.k.a. Agent X) - The main protagonist and head leader of Black Adrenaline. She is a past criminal reformed into a secret agent, fighting for the good side. Sabrina is a determined and focused individual, and is willing to go to extreme measures to get her job done. Because of her beautiful appearance, charisma, and laid-back attitude she often captures the hearts of many. Her main weapon of choice are guns.


Outside of her secret life, Sabrina lives her other life of being a famously rich supermodel known throughout the city. She is constantly shown on photo-shoots, fashion shows, magazine covers, and loves to embrace her fans when she can. One of Sabrina's  greatest obstacles are men who are willing to chase her down/ marry her for her beauty. Even though she prefers to be single, she occasionally dates different men throughout her ventures. She has many ex's, with some even reappearing in her lives, both her secret agent one and model one. Her birthday is September 28th, and she is 30 years old. ~ Breana Greene (August 2017)

My film follows secret agent, Agent X, on a night mission to stop notorious villain, Cobra, from escaping an abandoned broken factory with stolen bank money.

This is my Senior Thesis Year Project - (April 2017 - April 2018)

Alexa Title Card.jpg

Alexa Title Card ~ (January 2019) 

Alexa Title Card B&W.jpg

Alexa Title Card B&W ~ (January 2019) 

Alexa Alyssa Baker (née Montague) - Sabrina's best friend and fellow agent of Black Adrenaline. She normally works alongside her husband, Trevor, and her main weapon of choice is a Taser/ Taser Guns. She is happy, considerate, and a quick-thinker. Being also the sole heiress of one of the three richest families in the city (The Montague Family), Alexa normally contributes to the financial side of the team. She occasionally attends higher class parties and functions to do business regarding her rich family or Black Adrenaline.


Outside of her secret agent life, she lives a normal life with her family. She does her best to keep her family life private from her rich life. She is a very loving and protective wife and mother to her husband and two children, Charlie and Amanda.  ~ Breana Greene (August 2017)

Alexa Picture ~ (October 2016) 

Sabrina Title Card 36 ~ (February 2018) 

 First Alexa Drawing ~ (August 2015) 

Sabrina Title Card 36 B&W ~ (February 2018) 

Final Scene 85 ~ (February 2018) 

Sabrina Shot 135 ~ (February 2018) 

 Sabrina Drawing ~ (August 2015) 

 Sabrina Sketch ~ (December 2016) 

 Black Adrenaline Group Photo Sketch ~ Breana Greene (January 2017) 

Fury Title Card Signed.jpg

Fury Title Card ~ (December 2018) 

Fury Title Card Signed B&W.jpg

Fury Title Card B&W ~ (December 2018) 

Flora Ramirez (a.k.a. Fury) - A talented swords-woman and apart of Lethal Weapons, Fury proves to be one of the most formidable villains in the organization. Having a short temper and able to hold grudges pretty easily, she isn't afraid to cut down whoever is in her way. Her teammate in Lethal Weapons is mainly Cobra, who she doesn't respect and despises due to his constant womanizing, immaturity, distracted nature, and overall stupidity. On multiple occasions, she is willing to kill him if he gets on her nerves. When she's on her free time, Flora does her other passion, painting. She loves to paint pictures of flowers and landscapes. Her main enemy is Sabrina, as they both were cellmates and allies in crime in the past. However, once Sabrina reformed to the good side, Fury felt betrayed and holds this grudge to this day. ~ Breana Greene (August 2017)

 Fury Sketchbook Drawing ~ (August 2015) 

Sabrina Facial Expressions ~  (February 2017) 

Bunny ~ (January 2018) 

Bunny Title Card Signed.jpg

Bunny Title Card ~ (December 2018) 

Bunny Title Card Signed B&W.jpg

Bunny Title Card B&W ~ (December 2018) 

Bunny Sketch ~ (December 2016) 

Gladys May Knottingham (a.k.a. Bunny) - Being apart of Lethal Weapons, Bunny proves to be the most cartoony and bubbly of the group. However, her eccentric and optimistic nature tends to be an annoyance to others sometimes. She is in a romantic relationship with her fellow Lethal Weapons teammate, Slash. Her BVF (best villain friend) is Akira, as they both enjoy each others contrasting personalities and love of being criminals. Outside of Lethal Weapons, they are often seen hanging out. 


Bunny normally does small contributions crime wise, but makes up for it by being a financial contributor through her real identity, Gladys Knottingham, the sole heiress of one of the three richest families in the city (The Knottigham Family). ~ Breana Greene (January 2018)

First Bunny Sketchbook Drawing.jpg

First Bunny Sketchbook Drawing

~ (August 2016) 

Cobra Title Card 9 ~ (February 2018) 

Cobra Title Card 9 B&W ~ (February 2018) 

Caleb Duranson (a.k.a. Cobra) - The dimwitted but eagerly optimistic member of Lethal Weapons, Cobra proves to be the easiest villain to defeat in the organization. Having an easily distracted and womanizing nature, Cobra is normally the cause for many dismays for Lethal Weapons. His teammate in Lethal Weapons is Fury, whom he infuriates to no end due to his constant antics. On multiple occasions, Cobra gets on the nerves of his team, who easily chooses to leave him for dead or as a human shield on their missions. However, despite his incompetence, Cobra is in denial of his own behavior and tends to be one of the most loyal members of the team. He never backs down from a challenge, despite the odds being against him, and even compliments his teammates' strength despite nearly never getting the same respect back. His main attraction, distraction, and weakness is Sabrina, as he is her biggest fan and stalker. He likes to collect many of her super modelling merchandise, as well as annoy her with his constant womanizing advances to no end. ~ Breana Greene (June 2019)

 Cobra Sketch ~ (December 2016) 

 Cobra Color Layout ~ (April 2017) 

First Cobra Sketchbook Drawing

~ (August 2016) 

 Cobra Thesis Color Layout ~ (April 2017) 

Amanda and Charlie Baker Drawing

~ (September 2015) 

Baker Family Photo Sketch

~ (August 2016) 

Alexa and Trevor I Love You.jpg

Alexa and Trevor "I Love You" ~  (January 2018) 

 Trevor Picture ~ (January 2017) 

Trevor Baker - Xavier's best friend and fellow agent of Black Adrenaline. Trevor is the gadget and equipment provider of the agency. He normally works alongside his wife, Alexa, on missions. He is calm, laid-back, and intelligent, often acting as a voice of reason for his team.

Outside of his secret agent life, he lives a normal life with his family. He is a very caring, considerate, and loving father his wife and two children, Charlie and Amanda. He also often hangs out with Xavier.  ~ Breana Greene (June 2019)

Trevor Title Card.jpg

Trevor Title Card ~ (January 2019) 

Trevor Title Card B&W.jpg

Trevor Title Card B&W ~ (January 2019) 

Slash Title Card.jpg

Sylvester Stanford (a.k.a. Slash) - A cold blooded merciless killer, Slash proves to be the most effective fighter and threat Lethal Weapons has. He is stoic and focused, able to complete his missions with ease and often times without any emotion. The only soft spot he has is with his romantic partner and fellow teammate, Bunny. He will do basically anything she says without hesitation or argument. Outside of Lethal Weapons, they are often seen hanging out. With a dark past and an even darker criminal history, Slash is the most dangerous and wanted in the group. ~ Breana Greene (June 2019)

Slash Title Card ~ (January 2019) 

Slash Title Card B&W.jpg

Slash Title Card B&W ~ (January 2019) 

Akira Sketch ~ (December 2016) 

Akira Noel Domino (a.k.a. Domino/ Captain Domino) - The young head leader of Lethal Weapons, Domino proves to be an effective and fearful captain. A violent, selfish, controlling, and sadistic killer and leader, Domino is willing to do whatever it takes to see her goals come true. A natural born troublemaker, Domino enjoys causing mayhem and destruction for the fun of it. Caring very little for the safety and well-being of her team and henchmen, Domino often insults and uses them as shields for her missions. She normally hangs around at headquarters, planning and operating the team's next move. She only likes to hear good news of her missions being accomplished, or else will punish anyone with severe consequences.

Akira is apart one of the three richest families in the city, whom she despises (The Domino Family). Because of her rich upbringing and shady family, Akira is very well known of the corruption and evil ways of the higher class. She often negatively vocalizes the rich, despite being apart of it. Akira is also very self-aware and knows that she is a "monster," and is never afraid to show her true colors. This aspect of her personality gains much respect, hate, fear, and even admiration from her peers and enemies.


Her BVF (best villain friend) and one of the only people in the world she cares for is Bunny, as they both enjoy each others contrasting personalities and love of being criminals. Outside of Lethal Weapons, they are often seen hanging out. Alongside Bunny, Domino is the main financial contributor for her team.

~ Breana Greene (June 2019)

Akira Domino Full Body Sketches ~  (August 2016) 

Akira Domino Title Card Signed.jpg

Domino Title Card ~ (December 2018) 

Akira Domino Title Card Signed B&W.jpg

Domino Title Card B&W ~ (December 2018)