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Black Adrenaline

Welcome to the world of Black Adrenaline!

This series stars Sabrina Alannah Xtronaut (a.k.a. Agent X), an African-American secret agent and supermodel living in Arsenal City. Together with her team, Black Adrenaline, she must go on missions and stop Arsenal City's most wanted villains working under the evil organization known as, Lethal Weapons.

 Sabrina ~ (December 2016) 

Sabrina Alannah Xtronaut (a.k.a. Agent X) - The main protagonist and head leader of Black Adrenaline. She is a past criminal reformed into a secret agent, fighting for the good side. Sabrina is a determined and focused individual, and is willing to go to extreme measures to get her job done. Because of her beautiful appearance, charisma, and laid-back attitude she often captures the hearts of many. Her main weapon of choice are guns.


Outside of her secret life, Sabrina lives her other life of being a famously rich supermodel known throughout the city. She is constantly shown on photo-shoots, fashion shows, magazine covers, and loves to embrace her fans when she can. One of Sabrina's  greatest obstacles are men who are willing to chase her down/ marry her for her beauty. Even though she prefers to be single, she occasionally dates different men throughout her ventures. She has many ex's, with some even reappearing in her lives, both her secret agent one and model one. Her birthday is September 28th, and she is 30 years old. ~ Breana Greene (August 2017)