Welcome to the world of Elementals! On Rainbow Planet there live Elementals of all kinds. Fire, Ice, Earth, and even some secret hidden ones. This series follows a young Fire Elemental, Flame, and the many adventures she has with her friends throughout their colorful world.

A young Ice Elemental is lost in a blizzard and must find his way back to his mother with the help of a new friend.

Flame Headshot.jpg

Flame Headshot (February 2019)

Frozen Headshot.jpg

Frozen Headshot (February 2019)

Flame is a young adolescent Fire and Lava Elemental and the main protagonist. A free spirit at heart, Flame stays a very happy and positive individual, who only wants the best for her friends and herself. She is also very selfless and brave, willing to risk her life and protect anyone in need.


Flame is the future heiress to the Fire and Lava Regions, but as of right now chooses to live her life in freedom, in the Forest Region. Her parents are King Magma (ruler of the Lava Region) and Queen Inferno (ruler of the Fire Region). Flame has a distant relationship with her parents, due to them constantly fighting, and wanting her to rule one day in their separate regions.

Frozen is a young adolescent Ice Elemental and Flame's childhood best friend. He secretly harbors romantic feelings for Flame, and one day wishes to have enough confidence to tell her. Frozen stays a happy, but nervous and shy individual. However, he is not afraid to fight and defend his friends when he needs to. 


Frozen is the future heir (along with his older brother) to the Ice Region, but as of right now chooses to live his life in freedom, in the Forest Region (just like Flame). His parents are King Ice and Queen Rime, and his older and more optimistic brother is Storm. Frozen has a distant relationship with his father, due to his strict discipline of following Rainbow Planet's rules and continuing the royal legacy.


Flame First Drawing (August 2015)

Frozen First Drawing (August 2015)


Flame (March 2019)


Frozen (January 2019)

Frozen x Flame Hold.jpg

Flame x Frozen Hold (February 2019)

Elemental BFF Flame and Frozen Drawing (August 2015)

Frozen and Flame Color (December 2017)

Evergreen is a young adolescent Forest Elemental who lives in the Forest Region. She is very helpful and down-to-earth,  acting as an adviser to whoever she sees that needs it. She specifically helps out her new recent friends, Flame and Frozen as they are still adjusting to the Forest Region.

Her best friend is Sunflower, who she often visits and socializes with.

Evergreen is also aware of Frozen's feelings for Flame, and acts as an older sister figure to him at times. She tries her best to boost his confidence and be a romantic matchmaker for him and Flame. Despite being a helpful adviser, Evergreen doesn't always displays her own advise as she is a  shy individual around her crush, Wave. 

Evergreen Headshot.jpg
Evergreen Forest.jpg

Evergreen Headshot (January 2019)

Evergreen Forest (January 2019)

Evergreen First Drawing (August 2015)

Evergreen Facial Expressions (December 2017)

Sunflower Headshot.jpg

Sunflower Headshot (January 2019)

Sunflower Relaxed Hair.jpg

Sunflower Relaxed Hair (January 2019)

Sunflower is a young adolescent Forest Elemental who lives in the Forest Region. She is very sweet, laid-back, and calm. 

She often hangs out with her best friend, Evergreen. On her spare time she likes to grow and care for sunflowers around the Forest Region. Sometimes she likes to accompany Evergreen on adventures.

Sunflower First Drawing (August 2015)


Sunflower (January 2019)

Kozue Full Body.jpg
Kozue Headshot.jpg

Kozue Headshot (May 2019)

Kozue Full Body (June 2019)

Kozue is a Forest Elemental who was Draft's lover and mother to their child, Frasco. She is very sweet, gentle, and caring. 

Turning from friendship to romantic partners, Kozue loved Draft very much, and did everything in her power to protect and help him.


When she had Frasco she moved from the Forest Region to the Wind Region. Now Kozue lives in the Air Region, training Frasco to be a great warrior one day. She is overprotective of her son's safety, and is cautious of him traveling outside of their region.   

Draft Full Body.jpg

Draft was an Air Elemental who was Ice's best friend from his past. He was Kozue's lover, and father of Frasco. During his time, he was a very friendly, fun, and reliable individiual. Draft loved going on adventures and enjoying life on Rainbow Planet. He would often travel and encourage his friends and family to interact with Elementals from other regions. Draft believed in everyone being equal in Rainbow Planet despite their different appearances, powers, or ways of life.

Turning from friendship to romantic partners, Draft loved Kozue very much, and did everything in his power to protect and care for her. He would often visit her region just to spend time with her. Even though he is deceased, Draft's spirit is still very much alive in his son Frasco.

Draft Full Body (June 2019)

Watercolor Space Scene/ (Photoshop) (September 2016)

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Rainbow Planet Breakdown Drawing (August 2015)

Space Scene Drawing.jpg

Space Scene Drawing (September 2015)

Reflection as a Kid Signed.jpg

Reflection as a Kid (May 2019)

Reflection (June 2019)

The only daughter and child of Lady Rainbow and Sunlight, Reflection is a powerful magical being with mirror/ reflection powers. She is the sole heiress, owner, and future protector of Rainbow Planet, a gift granted to her at birth by her mother. Reflection is an adventurer at heart and loves to travel around different dimensions and planets for fun. She occasionally visits Rainbow Planet with her mother to accompany her on missions and meetings. Just like her mother, Reflection is praised and worshiped by all Elementals. When she's not on adventures by herself, Reflection is seen hanging out with her best friend/ sister figure Giselle.


Giselle is a magical immortal elf healer with a polite personality. She acts as Rainbow Planet's primary source of medical treatment, and is often accompanied by Lady Rainbow herself. She is very close with Lady Rainbow and Reflection viewing them as family. An intelligent and down-to-earth person Giselle always puts the well-beings of others before her own. Even though she is immortal, Giselle is still willing to put her life and existence on the line for Lady Rainbow, Reflection, and all Elementals. She has a high level of respect for Lady Rainbow and Reflection often treating them like royalty. When she isn't healing, she is often seen hanging out with Reflection.

Giselle (July 2019)


Storm (February 2019)

Storm First Drawing (August 2015)


Sky (February 2019)

Sky First Drawing (August 2015)

Sky is a young adolescent Ice Elemental, and Storm's romantic partner who lives in the Ice Region. Sky is a very level-headed, strong, and friendly individual, who advises and cares for those in need. A formidable and powerful Ice Elemental fighter, Sky is well respected by Storm and his family. When she's on her own Sky can be seen developing her powers, however most of the time she accompanies Storm on adventures. 

Queen Rime Card.jpg

Queen Rime Card (October 2018)

Queen Rime is of the current ruler of the Ice Region, alongside her romantic partner Ice, and the mother of Storm and Frozen. A very happy, loving, open-minded, and considerate individual, Rime is very well respected and loved dearly by her people and family. Though much to Ice's disapproval, Rime is more accepting to the lifestyle her sons choose for themselves, whether it be within the Ice Region or not.

Queen Rime takes her job as ruler very seriously, often saving lives and advising her fellow Ice Elementals when needed. She takes pride in keeping up her appearance and demeanor in a very elegant way. A formidable and powerful Ice Elemental fighter, very few can win a fight against Rime. She is also the only one who can handle Ice's harsher temper and attitude, and bring out a softer side to him.


Rime is normally seen with Ice, accompanying him on important meetings, romantic moments, or traveling around the Ice Region. However, as a free spirit and adventurer at heart, Rime enjoys traveling, socializing, and meeting other Elementals outside of the Ice Region when she can.

Queen Rime.jpg

Queen Rime (October 2018)

King Ice.jpg

King Ice is the current ruler of the Ice Region, alongside his romantic partner Rime, and the father of Storm and Frozen. A strict, distant, and closed-minded individual, Ice can be very difficult to be around. He normally keeps himself isolated from his people and often his family, preferably to constantly train and be prepared for any attacks that may come to the Ice Region. Because of his emotionless behavior, Ice is often feared and very hard to impress. Opposite of Rime, Ice disapproves of his sons (mostly Frozen) living outside their region or associating too closely with other Elementals not from their region. 

King Ice takes his job as ruler very seriously, often putting the well-being of the region and his family's reputation above his own family. A formidable and very powerful Ice Elemental, very few can defeat Ice. Despite his harsh demeanor, his softer side is brought out only by his beloved Rime. She often acts as his voice of reason, particularly when it comes to interacting with their sons. Outside of his duties he is normally seen with Rime, accompanying her on important meetings, romantic moments, or traveling around the Ice Region. 

King Ice (August 2019)

Older Queen Wintry.jpg

Older Queen Wintry (July 2019)

Queen Wintry.jpg

Queen Wintry (July 2019)

Queen Wintry was the former ruler of the Ice Region, alongside her romantic partner King Verglas, and Ice's mother. She was a very loving, calm, and friendly individual, who cared deeply for son and Verglas. Living a very peaceful life until a devastating end, Wintry only wanted the best for her family and people. She would often be a voice of reason for Ice and wanted him to live his life freely without fear or worry of anything.

Older Queen Wintry Drawing.jpg
Queen Wintry First Drawing.jpg

Queen Wintry First Drawing (May 2019)

Older Queen Wintry Drawing (May 2019)

Light Headshot.jpg

Light Headshot (January 2019)


Light (February 2019)

Light is a young adolescent Lava Elemental who is Flame's personal protector and cousin. Light is very respected in his region due to being a formidable fighter and a natural leader. A stoic and focused individual, Light never gives up on a challenge until he completes it. He is also very selfless and brave, willing to risk his life and protect anyone in need.


Light takes his job as Flame's protector very seriously, easily beating any foe that puts Flame in danger and getting angry at anyone who he even thinks can be a threat to her. Sharing a close brother/sister relationship with her, Light will often put Flame's needs before his own. Even though he might come off as overprotective to her, Light can often be Flame's voice of reason, and only wants the best for her. 


Queen Inferno.jpg

Queen Inferno is the current ruler of the Fire Region, Magma's former romantic partner, and Flame's mother.


An often hot-headed, selfish, and prideful individual, Inferno cares about the reputation of the Fire Region, herself, and impressing Lady Rainbow. She is well respected by her people due to her power and leadership, however often criticized as most question her distant relationship with her daughter (their future ruler).

As a mother, Inferno does love Flame deeply and cares for her safety and well-being, however she wishes for her daughter to be more like her and stay in the Fire Region permanently.

Having a more complicated/ toxic relationship with King Magma, Inferno always argues with him (mainly about Flame and her destiny in one of their regions) and can rarely see eye-to-eye with him. They both prefer to stay as far away from each other as possible, and often uses Flame as a competition for everything.

Queen Inferno (January 2019)

Queen Inferno Outline/ Outline 1 (January 2019)

Queen Inferno Outline.jpg
Queen Inferno Outline 1.jpg

Flame Business Card Design (September 2017)

King Magma Portrait.jpg

King Magma (July 2019)

Flame Logo Name Design (September 2017)

King Magma.jpg

King Magma Portrait (July 2019)

King Magma is the current ruler of the Lava Region alongside Queen Caldera. Unlike other rulers, Magma is a very laid-back and carefree leader. He can be often reckless or playful with his powers. However, now that his brother has disappeared, Magma takes his job as a protector more seriously mainly for his family. 

As a father, Magma loves Flame and cares for her safety and well-being, even though he rarely sees her. Similar to Inferno's goal, he wishes for his daughter to be more like him and stay in the Lava Region. However, he doesn't goes to the extreme levels Inferno goes to accomplish his goal.

Having a more complicated/ toxic relationship with Queen Inferno, Magma always argues with her (mainly about Flame and her destiny in one of their regions) and can rarely see eye-to-eye with her. They both prefer to stay as far away from each other as possible, and often uses Flame as a competition for everything. However, Magma is the more reasonable one among the two when it comes to compromising over spending time with their daughter.

Queen Caldera.jpg
King Mantle.jpg

Queen Caldera (July 2019)

King Mantle (July 2019)

Queen Caldera is the the proud and confident leader of the Lava Region, and Light's mother. She rules alongside King Magma. A very straightforward, loving, and protective individual, Caldera's main focus is for her son to be safe. When they're together, Caldera trains Light to be the best fighter and future leader as he can be.

A warrior herself at heart, Queen Caldera is fast and clever, able to easily take down enemies that may come her way. She takes her job as ruler very seriously, often relying on herself independently for most situations, and comforting her fellow Lava Elementals when needed.

King Mantle is the missing ruler of the Lava Region who mysteriously disappeared after an intense fight with an Elemental monster, when Light was young. While he was around, he was a kind, courageous, and thoughtful leader. His main focus was for Caldera and his son to be safe. 

Years later, Queen Caldera is still constantly searching for her beloved, never giving up hope that one day he might return.

King Mantle and Queen Caldera Kiss Signe

King Mantle and Queen Caldera Kiss 1 (May 2019)

King Mantle and Queen Caldera Kiss Signe

King Mantle and Queen Caldera Kiss (May 2019)

Queen Hematite.jpg
Queen Hematite Headshot.jpg

Queen Hematite Headshot (May 2019)

Queen Hematite (May 2019)

Queen Hematite is the former ruler of the Lava Region alongside her romantic partner, King Igneous. She is the mother of Mantle and Magma. A loving, wise, and laid-back individual and leader, Hematite puts the safety of her family and people first before her own.

She was an intense fighter in her prime, but now is more of a mentor figure for her family and people. She spends most of her days looking after Magma and Caldera, as well as missing her time with her beloved Igneous.

King Igneous was the former ruler of the Lava Region alongside his romantic partner, Queen Hematite. He was the father of Mantle and Magma. A fun, energetic, and heroic individual and leader, Igneous always put his life on the line for his family and people. He took his leadership very seriously following Rainbow Planet's rules, and ensuring peace in his region. He loved Hematite and his boys very much, always wanting the best for them and encouraging them to be strong fighters.

Years later now that he is gone, Hematite and Magma miss him very much, never forgetting everything he has done for them and the Lava Region.

King Igneous.jpg

King Igneous (June 2019)

Wave is a young adolescent Water Elemental who lives in the Water Region. He is very calm, level- headed, and laid-back. 

He often visits the Forest Region, as he enjoys meditating and training his powers around waterfalls.


Sometimes Wave likes to accompany Flame, Frozen, and Evergreen on adventures, but mainly likes to be independent. He reciprocates Evergreen's feelings. 

Wave First Drawing (August 2015)