Welcome to the world of Immortals!

This series follows the magical and mystical adventures of young immortal couple, Kendall Zodiac (a.k.a The Immortal Wizard) and Dr. Annette Marie Fairygton (a.k.a Dr. Fairy) as they travel throughout different dimensions and universes together. This is a spin-off of Kingdom Come.

Immortals Title Card.jpg

Immortals Title Card ~  (October 2018)

Kendall and Annette ~ (December 2016)

Dr. Fairy Rough Sketches ~ (March 2017)

Immortal Wizard Sketch ~ (March 2017)

Dr. Fairy ~ (December 2016)

Kendall Zodiac - Annette's husband, who is most famously known as The Immortal Wizard, throughout various universes and dimensions.


Kendall is an impulsive yet heroic immortal wizard, who constantly goes on adventures, discovering new magical and mystical creatures, secrets, items, etc. When at home, he consistently trains with Annette, Alistor, or by himself to improve his powers. 

Being somewhat of a celebrity throughout the various universes and dimensions him and his wife travel to, Kendall is known for saving lives, maintaining peace, and preventing disasters from happening.

Kendall is a master at thousands of magical spells and can unlock various powers and power-ups as he pleases. He is a very fast-learner when it comes to learning and testing new magic spells.  

As much as he loves adventures, Kendall also loves to be laid-back and take any opportunity to relax when he can. Sometimes he doesn't take his job as seriously and can slack off on his responsibilities. He can also act childish sometimes and likes to play with magic irresponsibility, irritating Annette and Alistor in the process.

Having a heart of gold, and a fun personality, Kendall loves socializing and getting to know as many new faces as he can. Like his wife, he will do anything he can to help anyone in need. He is 1,029 yrs. old. His birthday is December 29.

~ Breana Greene (August 2017)

Dr. Annette Marie Fairygton - Kendall's wife, who is most famously known as Dr. Fairy, throughout various universes and dimensions.


Annette is an intelligent and beautiful immortal doctor fairy, who is a master at thousands of magical medical spells and treatments. She constantly trains and practice new remedies and experiments, in order to cure as many diseases and illnesses as she possibly can. She also occasionally tries to teach Kendall as many different healing spells as possible, in order for him protect himself on dangerous adventures. 


Like the hard-worker she is, Annette takes pride in her work and reputation. She is somewhat of a celebrity throughout the various universes and dimensions her and her husband travel to. Most healing and medically trained magical creatures know her and respect her work. Some will even go as far to assist her immediately if the situation calls for it.


Being very responsible,  focused, and organized, Annette will do anything to help anyone in need. She is 1,028 yrs. old. Her birthday is April 3.

~ Breana Greene (August 2017)

Immortal Wizard Sketch ~ (December 2016)

Dr. Fairy Sketch ~ (December 2016)

Alistor Sketch ~ (April 2017)

Kendall and Annette Sketch ~ (December 2016)

First Kiss KxA Rough ~ (January 2018)

(When they were younger...)

First Kiss KxA Color.jpg

First Kiss KxA Color ~ (September 2018)

Kendall Annette Heart.jpg

Kendall Annette Heart ~ (October 2018)

True Love Kiss SB B&G Colored.jpg

True Love Kiss SB B&G Colored ~ (June 2019)

True Love Kiss SB Colored.jpg

True Love Kiss SB Colored ~ (June 2019)